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All too often convicted felons are unfairly turned down for job after job because of past mistakes that may be many years behind them. People pass judgment and assume that because you have a felony you are a “violent” or a bad person which may not be the case. There are many trucking companies that hire felons depending on how recent the conviction was, what type of felony was committed and how many felony convictions the applicant has.

Trucking Companies That Hire Felons

I have found that there are many trucking companies that hire felons even with multiple convictions. Sometimes a traffic misdemeanor can be worse than a felony conviction for check fraud or theft.

The age of the felony, your work history and your motor vehicle record will play a large part in finding trucking a company that will hire an ex felon. It is extremely important you are 100% honest about everything on your application. Do not stretch the truth or lie anywhere on your application or you will be rejected from employment at that trucking company! 

 The application process

Picture of a truck and truck driverTrucking companies are required by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) to do an in depth background check on all applicants, this is known as a Pre Employment Screening (PSP). The PSP will consist of criminal, employment, address and driving record investigations. Even truck drivers that have never been convicted of a crime or felony can be disqualified for trying to hide anything on their applications. If you have times in your past where you were unemployed make sure that you put that on your application and account for any periods of unemployment.

The trucking company that you apply with is going to take many things into account when they look at your application. Because you have a felony it will be to your advantage to shine in other areas. This does not mean that you must be perfect but it will only help you in your pursuit of a good paying trucking job. Make sure that your application completely filled out properly and neatly.

The main points trucking companies look for in an applicant:

  • Fairly steady employment background (no large gaps between employment that is not explainable)
  • Recent graduation from an approved truck driving school or willing to be trained
  • Any CDL driving experience (not a must have but it is helpful)
  • A fairly clean driving record with no reckless driving convictions


Truck driving with a DUI or DWI

The older your DUI or DWI is the greater chance that a trucking company will hire you. Most of the companies listed below will also consider you even if you have a DUI on your record. Most companies will not hire you though if you have multiple DUI convictions.


 Misdemeanors and Traffic Violations

Reckless driving and any crime committed while operating a commercial vehicle will make it extremely hard to find a trucking job. Lesser crimes such as petty theft/shoplifting will often not be a big deal to most trucking companies, especially if they are not recent convictions.


You have a good chance of being hired!

Remember that trucking companies are always hiring because of the truck driver shortage in the United States. Don’t lose hope if the first 10 companies turn you down. My best advice to you is to fill out every application possible, chances are you will be hired by a trucking company if you make it your priority.

Below is a list of trucking companies that hire felons. This should give you a good start into finding a trucking company to work for. These are all larger and medium sized companies, some even will consider any conviction on a case by case basis.

If you have no luck with the below companies start looking on Craigslist for smaller trucking companies. South Dakota, North Dakota, Montana, West Virginia and Wyoming are hot spots for oilfield drivers .  There is a major driver shortage in these states and they offer are very high paying jobs. Many truck drivers find employers paying over $70,000 a year in the far northern states.

I wish you all the best in finding a rewarding career as a truck driver and strongly urge you to fill out a driver application with every trucking company listed below.


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 List of Trucking Companies That Hire Felons

Most of these trucking companies require no experience at all and some even offer no upfront cost truck driver training. Those with training are noted and most companies listed hire nationwide. Simply click on the company below to go to their website.

Trucking companies that hire felons with convictions that are 10 years old or more:

Trucking companies that hire felons with convictions that are 7 years old or more:

Trucking companies that hire felons with convictions that are 5 years old or more:

Trucking companies that hire felons on a case by case basis:

 Felony convictions that will bar you from employment as a truck driver

  • Any felony traffic (vehicle) violations including vehicular manslaughter
  • Trafficking or distribution of controlled substances, materials or weapons (most)

If you have tried all of these companies and are still having trouble finding a job please post your question in the comments below .

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90 thoughts on “Trucking Companies That Hire Felons

  1. I need a Trucking company that will run only in Tennessee . I can only drive in Tennessee right now , Probation will not let me go into other states. Do you got any idea witch companies might just stay in Tennessee.

  2. I do not have any specific trucking companies for you but I can give you my thoughts.

    Most of the companies listed above run interstate freight (across state lines), you will be looking for a company that is intrastate. If I were you I would not put much time into looking into trucking companies at the moment and concentrate on companies that utilize trucks in their business. Some examples would be drilling companies, oil and gas companies, construction, local delivery, beer and beverage delivery, steel yards, distributors that need a yard jockeys, Home Depot or Lowes distribution centers and building or roofing supply stores. By nature their freight does not travel far so you will not have to go out of state.

    You may also want to look into food distribution companies.

    Hope this helps you out.

  3. You mean to tell me I cant drive for a company with a distribution conviction sold one prescription pill no jail time probation 8+ yrs ago this the truth I made a stupid mistake yrs ago and my only conviction.

  4. I have 2 felonies 2nd dgr assault and receive and buying stolen goods. 5 yrs old no jail time finished all requirements of probation 2 yrs ago I have a CDL CLASS A LEARNERS PERMIT i want to know are there any companies that will train and hire me. I have not gotten any more charges since then . No drug charges no dui no dwi .

  5. Hey Terri,

    Assault convictions are tough. None of the larger companies that I know of will hire you. I would start looking at smaller construction companies, and oilfield/gas companies. Haliburton trains drivers by the hundreds every year for fracing operations. I don’t know their policies specifically but it is worth looking at. Try looking at any company that utilizes truck drivers but is not strictly a trucking company. Drivers are always in short supply and trucking companies will hire just about anyone but the problem is what their insurance company/policy will allow.

    I am not sure if this will help you out but there is a federal bonding program for felons. From what I understand it is basicly insurance on yourself that the federal government will underwrite. Here is a link to some information about it.

    Hope this helps.

  6. I have a pending felony and misterminer but won’t be on my record when I am done paying fines but I do have my cdl permit and I’m looking for a truck company that will teach me and train me to drive a truck with a Lil bit of pay so I can pay off my fines

  7. I am a recovery coach with the local council on alcoholism and drug abuse and I am working with a guy that wants to get back in a truck. He went to driving school in 1997 and drove for a short period of time, but he has since let his CDL go. He has a misdemeanor PI (public intoxication) about 8 or 9 months ago. No felonies, no moving violations..are there companies that will train him and help him get his CDL ?

  8. Hey Charles,

    Here is a list of the companies that I know of that MAY hire him that also offer training. I always tell everyone to apply to every company since each company will vary in hiring policy greatly. You can find links to most of the companies I have listed here. Hope this help!

    Prime Inc
    USA Truck
    Tyson Foods
    Schneider National
    Millis Transfer
    Roehl Transport
    Swift Transportation
    Central Refrigerated
    Stevens Transport
    CRST International

  9. Does trucking companies hire u if u have a failed drug test on your record for 4 years ago? I haven drove since then

  10. Here is the regulations as stated by the FMCSA; Failing a drug or alcohol test by testing positive to a drug test, or registering a 0.04 or greater alcohol content. Either of these results requires you to be immediately removed from performing safety-sensitive functions (i.e., driving CMVs) until successful completion of the return-to-duty process with a DOT-qualified substance abuse professional.

    With that being said it all depends on if that test failure was properly recorded and documented by the company that you worked. If it does not show up in your DAC report then chances are you will be ok. If it is showing then it will most likely cause you some issues. The good thing is that it sounds like you have experience so it may be wise to look into working for some smaller companies that may have less strict policies than the larger OTR companies have.

  11. i have a pending misterminer on my record and it showed up when i tried to go to swift and they denied me because of it and i do have a cdl permit and all i need is training to drive and inspect the truck for the test so i can start driving and do u have a number i can use to get ahold of u or can u recamind one i can go to plz an ty

  12. I recently received a arson felony in the second degree guilty by association i have been a mechanic for my home county for 15 years and have experience driving both a class and b class vehicle only have one point on license I have a class a cdl with all endorsement what do u think my chances are of getting on with one of the bigger company particularly schnider national I have unsupervised probation

  13. I have two duo felonies that are 20 years old no trouble since then what r my chances finding a company that will hire me

  14. I think you should start sending out applications. There are a number of companies that won’t even care since they are over 10 years old.

  15. It all depends on how old the conviction is. I will tell you though that arson can be a hard conviction to overcome. Apply and see what happens since it can’t hurt anything!

  16. Pending charges are hard to overcome. Most companies will not look at you until your case is fully settled. Your best chances of finding something would be a small construction company that is local to you. I don’t know of any larger companies that will work with someone that has pending charges.

  17. Good morning, I have 4 months experience and I’m currently working with Carolina cargo. I also have a felony in ny where I was convicted Aug 2013 (criminal drug sale in 3rd degree – c – felony) do you know any company’s that will overlook and hire me. I tried about 20 company’s that you have on the list above and got turned down.

  18. I know that Carolina Cargo does not have the best reputation and they may not be the best company to work for. Having only 4 months of experience is limiting you in what companies will even look at you. I know that you’re most likely not happy where you are at but I encourage you to stick with it and get your experience as a driver. This will open more doors for you particularly at smaller trucking companies. The first company I worked for, Arrow Trucking was a horrible experience (CEO is now in prison and the company is closed) but you just have to make the best out of it and get your experience. If you can I am sure you will be able to find a smaller company thAt will hire you.

  19. I am a felon but it will be 10 years old in September of this year. My wife has a clean record. We want to drive team but are having a hard time finding a company whose insurance is willing to take us on. We are both college cdl grads. Please help

  20. I have a felony that I got in the may of 2009 which was Felony Possession of drugs. it says western express hire felons if its five years or older but the recruiter told me it has to be 10 years. smh

  21. i am looking for a company that will take me on as an owner operator. i own a 2015 ford sprinter, and want to drive it for a trucking company. my non voilent felons are over 10 years old.will you point me

    in the right directions? thanks

  22. hey trying to find work but i have speeding ticket 15 over in Georgia no anything else already have class A license 4 months experience with werner but im not currently working any pointers no one seems to really want to hire me because of that speeding ticket or because im 24

  23. Hello,
    My fiancé will be graduating CDL school in May. He has a felony (robbery) from 10 years ago. Was incarcerated for 5 years and has been out for 3 and on parole since then. I believe his parole ends in 2 years. He’s been working at the same place for the last 3 years making $14/hr so he has a great work ethic. Are there any trucking companies that you might know of that will hire this type of situation. I’ve been calling around but everyone is saying that he has to be off of probation/parole. I feel like I’m stuck with no where to go.

  24. Sounds like he is doing great! Many/most companies will not deal with you if you are on probation for the most part and crossing state lines can be an issue also in some cases. My advice in general is to find a driving job before attending school because of all the issues that come up. You most likely will not find a OTR company that will hire him so put your effort into looking at local companies, oilfield service companies, construction/excavation, food delivery and different things like that. If not he will have to wait till his parole is over. I know this can be discouraging and I wish I had a better option for you.

  25. It is the insurance companies that basically set the rules for the trucking company. When you turn either 25 or 26 it becomes easier to be hired but I know you just don’t want to sit around till then. I would try and have the ticket removed if at all possible. I had one speeding ticket during my career and it was for 10 over in California, I attended an online driving class and the ticket was wiped from my record. So see if this an option for you and if not contact an attorney in GA to see if they can do anything for you (shouldnt be to expensive if they can).

    You don’t have enough experience yet to really “have experience”. There are a few companies that will take you with 3 months but I do not have those company names memorized but I know they are out there. Keep looking and apply to every company on this page you can. Next time you are hired stay with them for at least a year or two. Hope this helps.

  26. Ok thank you for the information. Companies change their policies from time to time and it it is nearly impossible to keep up with all of them. I will change it to the 10 year category. Thank you!

  27. That is great that you are almost at the 10 year mark. Have you tried Covenant Transport? I am not sure of what their exact policy is regarding felons but I know they do hire felons depending on time and type of convictions.

  28. I’m an a young man trying to get in the trucking industry I just turned 21 but I have 3 felony convictions that are fresh 1 for carrying a concealed weapon under the age of 21 and I have a resisting arrest and tampering with a motor vehicle but no violent crimes I’m really eager to get into the industry now please tell me I have a chance

  29. I’m an a young man trying to get in the trucking industry I just turned 21 but I have 3 felony convictions that are fresh 1 for carrying a concealed weapon under the age of 21 and I have a resisting arrest and tampering with a motor vehicle but no violent crimes I’m really eager to get into the industry now please tell me I have a chance!!!!!!!!

  30. well I had a intent to man factor convinced 2005 and did time over it but be out for 3 years and the charge keep me from getting a good job I have 30 years of driving a very perfect driving record never had ticket are wreck and I have pull box flatbed refer but when they check back ground boom I’m out of there and I’m very good driver I work very hard and plenty of references I wish I could get help on this

  31. if any one is needing a good hand I’ll be it I don’t mine working but my pass record kill me from getting with a good company all I need is a chance to show u I’m a good driver

  32. I have a major preventable accident on my record from recently. Are there any companies that will hire me? I have over 2 years otr.

  33. Hey David

    Sorry to hear about the preventable. Honestly I can not really give you a yes or know answer as every company is different. In the end it is up to that carriers insurance if they will allow you to drive or not. My best educated guess is that there is a company out there that will hire you, it is just a matter of filling out as many applications as possible. It is good you have over two years experience, that should be enough to get your foot in the door somewhere. Best of luck.

  34. Sorry to say it but I think that you will have a hard time finding a trucking company that will hire you with three convictions. Just to make sure I would start talking to all the companies listed on this page to see if you can get a pre hire offer. It is worth a try, if you do not get any interest then I would move on to a different career field. Good luck and wish you the best.

  35. Just plead no contest to petty theft charge. Have good driving and work record. Will prime or some of the other big companies give me a chance?

  36. I went to jail in June 2013. I was set free in November 2014. I am getting my Cdl back. I was charged with assisting illegals enter the country for financial gain. Although nothing was proved, I was found guilty. Is there anyone who will hire me now?

  37. Thats a BS charge, the US governments lets illegals in as they please and you are a nice guy, give them a ride and you end up in prison. Honestly I really don’t have an answer for you as I am not familiar with anyone that has that charge and is a truck driver. Best thing to do is start calling up each company and talk to the recruiter, they will be able to tell you if they will consider you or not.

  38. As far as you record is concerned no contest and guilty are the same thing in trucking companies eyes. While petty theft is not a terrible charge it is a problem that it was very recent. You can try calling the companies on the list and see what the recruiters say. I would bet though that you will have to wait three years before someone will hire you but I would check with every company possible before giving up. I would think that petty theft would be an easy conviction to have expunged in most states, I would really look into that. Here is a link to some information about expungement:–or-expunge–or-seal-the-petty-the-1516661.html

  39. I drove OTR flatbed about 1991 or so and have been working at different jobs since, any way I’m wondering about retraining as its been a long time; my felony conviction was in 1985, I cleared parole 1994. What mcan you tell me about companies that may work with me.

  40. Matt,

    Just wanted to say you’re doing a great thing here. Keep up the awesome work. I stumbled on your site because I am like so many others struggling to find a job because of things I did in my past. I have 3 felony convictions the first from 95 which was a burglary guilty by association type deal and then 2 from May of 05 which are aggravated battery and confinement. I served 6 years and have been out and looking for steady employment since then. I started my own business thinking that this is my only alternative but as most know it takes money to make money. My dad drove a truck for years and I have been around trucks and drove about everything with wheels since I was 12 so I figured a job driving a truck would be right up my alley. So my question is this: I know I read where you said usually any kind of assault charges get you denied but mine are 10 years old and I am off parole which I completed with flying colors. I had a reckless driving when I was still a teenager. 19 I think. But no major moving violations since besides a seat belt fine or 2. I’m 42 years old now. So would it still be worth my while to even apply to these companies? I just wanted to get a second opinion since it sounds like you have a lot of experience in this area. I also have an associates and bachelor’s degree from a university here in my state. So I have tried to turn a big negative into as much of a positive as I could. Thanks for any and all help you give. And again, great job helping guys like us find our way out here in this non forgiving world.


  41. One of the felony convictions listed, “That will bar you from employment as a truck driver” is trafficking of controlled substance. My questions concerning that are, is there any way around that? Is it a case by case basis? Or is that pretty much an industry standard ?

  42. Hi

    I have 2 felony convictions in 2012 for possession of controlled substance and burglary I have been clean and back to school there are no gaps in my employment history, recently have obtained my ged and was wanting to know if there are any companies that would hire me my driving record is clean as well I have letters of explination as well

  43. What if husband 36 yrs ago when 19 yrs old plead “nolo” to 2 felony charges, 1 for assault, 1 for harboring(which was a really bogus charge to prevent expungement later). Do you think any of the major companies will hire him?

  44. I have 3 felony convictions for DUI on my record all are over 5 years old. Do I have a chance of ever finding a job in the truck driving industry?

  45. I not to long ago got out of prison I’m not on probation or anything and I have a class A CDL is there a company that will hire me I was convicted of a 2nd degree robbery in 2008

  46. I have 7 felony convictions, the most recent being in 2002. Do I have a chance to be hired to drive truck by anyone?

  47. Greetings Matt, I got charged with a felony back in 2011. I just got out of prison in Jan. 16, 2015 for trafficking cocaine, I served 2 and half years. I don’t have no probation. I’m a licensed barber and want to expand my career for the future. I want to go to a training school for my cdl, but I need to make sure I can land a job with a reputable company. What is you suggestions on this matter?

  48. heres my question: I have 2 felonies that are 10 and 15 years old. The 15 year one is a possession. I received probation on both. My other issue is that 2 years ago I refused a breath test when I got pulled over for speeding and my license was suspended for a year. I was given a DUI but was found not guilty at court. I have a B CDL and want to get my A license but am concerned about getting hired. Even though a was not guilty, is that still considered a DUI?

  49. Hey Rob,

    A not guilty verdict should not cause you any issues. What I would do though is call and/or apply to some of the companies, if not all listed on this page and see if you can get a prehire. That way you will not waste your time or money on a class A if a problem arises from your previous convictions.

  50. Your conviction is probably to recent for a trucking company to hire you. Your best chance is to find a small local company that may “give you a chance”. Look into construction and excavation companies. Companies that check backgrounds consider the release date, rather than the conviction date.

  51. Sorry jesse but I don’t think you have a good chance at being hired. Companies will see you as having a pattern of criminal activity. Your last conviction was awhile ago though so maybe you should put in some applications regardless and see what they say.

  52. Hey Brian,

    That could be tough but I think you may have a slight chance since they are over 5 years old. It all depends on the companies insurance policy. I would apply and see what happens.

  53. Most likely he has a chance. I would literally talk to every company on this page and see what they say.

  54. I think that you will have a better chance in 2017 but I would still call companies and see what they say.

  55. I wouldnt say that it is an industry standard but more of an insurance standard. With that said though there may be some self insured companies out there that could hire you. I think it is always worth the time to at least call and talk to the recruiters and see what they say.

  56. Hey Todd,

    Thanks for the compliments and it sounds like you are doing great. Assault chargers are tough but it was awhile ago so I would start calling and talking to the recruiters. Companies policies change often and it is hard for me to keep up to date on everything so it is always worth a try. If that fails I would start talking to smaller companies that utilize trucks like construction and excavation companies. At least with those companies you can talk with the owner. I wish you all the best and keep up the good work!

  57. The companies that say “offer training” next to them will retrain you. If they will hire you all depends on what your conviction was. So I would call and talk to one of the recruiters and see what they say.

  58. Holla amigo , Iam a felon with transpotation of Mary-Jane it wasnt that much of it.This happen in May of 2010 in June 24 it well be 5yrs what are my chance to drive agin. Do u think i find an odd job and pay off my fine and then expanged my record .Would i have chance to drive agin.

  59. Hello Jose,

    You will be best off getting the felony expunged from your record. If you can do that you should have a great chance at being a truck driver.

  60. Hello, I have a felony thats only 2yrs old for buying stamps..Im still on probation but will be off when the fine is paid..Is there a company that will train me and hire me with only a 2yr felony..Ive talked to one but they wanted the felony to be 10yrs or better..Am i wasting my time or do i have a chance?

  61. i have a robbery charge from 98,17 years ago. A possession of a firearm in 2012 I’m in probation now for it, No other violent charges. Are there any companies that you know of that will help me get my CDL and hire me???

  62. I got a drug charge in 2013 poss. under 1 gram. I have 700,000 miles exp. You may contact me at 903-856-5220 with any info that will help. Thank You.

  63. I have a uttering a forge instrument and a burglary charge for writing a fraud check in 2011 what are my chance of getting hired as a dock worker i am not on probation or parole.

  64. I was charged in 92 with murder I got out in 2010 I got my class A CDL license and I’m on parole till 2017 do you know any trucking companies they would hire me

  65. Sorry but I do not know of any companies that will hire you while on parole. Your best bet is to look locally for a job that utilizes drivers in some way.

  66. You most likely will be able to find some type of dock work, not saying it will be easy but it is possible. Just start applying to every company you can find and don’t give up.

  67. Your chances will be much greater if it is three years old. Nobody that I know of will hire you on parole so make paying off the fine priority.

  68. I was convicted of trafficking back in 2006 it’s been 9 yrs . I don’t have my class a but wanna join a company that will train me and drive for them . Any suggestions?

  69. I live in south carolina . I have a distrubution charge and I’m on probation is there any trucking companies that would be willing to give me a chance?

  70. I’ve read most of the comments and seems like there is hope for us. I have a felony for stalking back in 2001 in California (if you read the Cali Penal Code for it, it defines ‘stalking’ as any type of threat to a person as well). I was 25 at the time. It sounds terribly worse than what actually happened. I violated a restraining order to try and see my son with a girl I was with for 7 years. It’s complete bs but regardless, it’s a part of my past and I have a felony conviction for it and it’s very hindering. Even 14 years later. On bad days I hate this country and how they have it designed to keep good folks down.

    Some of us just made stupid mistakes and have paid for it, and then some.

    Since my 2001 drama, I’ve obtained my Bachelors of Science in Information Systems (University of Nevada) and Masters of Educational Technology (Boise State University). Problem is, I can’t get a job. I’m also an aspiring Web Developer but lack the real job experience so I fall in that category as well. A buddy of mine who’s been driving truck for 6 years put me up on the idea of getting a CDL. He has buddies that have felonies and are driving. His input is that I should be ok and he claims I will get work/hired for sure.

    I’m currently studying for the 3 exams I need to take to obtain the drivers permit.

    I’d like to know others honest opinions or suggestions. I appreciate all responses/replies both positive and negative.

    Thanks folks and I wish good luck to all of you!

  71. I was convicted of a felony in 1987 for fraud and larceny served 90 days of a (1) year sentence. And in 1989 I plead guilty to several Robbery charges that were consolidated for judgement. I serve nearly 10 years (1998) and was unconditionally paroled in 2001.No criminal history of any kind in nearly 14 years.And have held above average jobs since then.But I want to get in the trucking business.What do you think my chances would be since the charges are decades old respectfully….thanks, Jack

  72. Hey Matt, my question is I have a 16yr old 2nd degree murder charge that I ha e completed a 15yr prison term on,I want to know if theres any trucking company that would give me a job in the trucking ind?

  73. I have no felonies or misdemeanors and clean driving record but my employment isn’t easily verifiable do to me working for local construction company and we were paid cash will I be able to get on anywhere I also have a class a permit

  74. If the construction company will not verify your employment then I would simply say that you were unemployed rather than being paid in cash. You may need to get a notarized letter from someone confirming you were “unemployed” during that time. You should probably be ok.

  75. I am doubting your chances on getting on with a trucking company. Never hurts to give them a call though and ask. I would start with calling carolina cargo.

  76. 14 years in a good amount of time and you have had steady employment so I would start calling the trucking companies and see what they say. Remember to be honest and open, maybe you will get lucky. Best of luck!

  77. I would never tell anyone that they will be hired for sure but I think you have a very good chance.

  78. Trucking companies will not hire you while you are on probation. Known that I know of anyway, sorry.

  79. I have one conviction in 2009 that netted 5 felonies under the same case. Will trucking employers count that as 1 of 5? I have my CDL Class A, graduated from driving school early June of this year. Military driving experience as an 88M (most heavy hauler/ 20-Ton HET) What are my chances?

  80. I just got my CDL back!I have 8 yrs CDL experience however was released from prizon on 1-1-2015.My parole ends 9-16-2015.I had let my CDL expire,I have an Intent to Transport charge and no prior crimanal record served in the military and have alot of training.What are my chances of getting a job???

  81. Hey I’m working with some guys that got put on the sex offender site due to the laws in wi. One was 13 and got caught with his 13 yr. Old girlfriend parents went nuts you get the idea. Alot of these guys not on parole anymore would love to find a seat. Do you know any company (s) that would hire them or guys that can prove that there was no physical contact in thir cases.
    Also please if anyone responds to this spare me the harsh words, everyone has to work and live. I’m a felon my self so I more than know how it feels
    thank you

  82. I have 3 felonies. 2nd degree burg from 1995, petty theft with prior in 1995 and receiving stolen property in 1996. Nothing since and I have had the same job since 2005. Do you think I would qualify??

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