Trucking Companies That Pay For Hotels

Most truck drivers sleep in there truck but I do know of a few trucking companies that pay for hotels.

MBM – They will pay up to $50.00 dollars per night and you have to pay the rest. The nice thing is that they also have sleeper trucks so it is your choice if you want to stay in a hotel. If you work there long enough though you will get a corporate hotel card.

SYGMA – They pay for 100% of your hotel or motel room

US Food service –  If you have to stay out in the road they will pay for your room.

Ben E Keith – If you do not make it home they will pay for a motel room.

Most trucking companies that pay for hotel rooms are food service delivery companies, household goods movers, car haulers and other companies that utilize day cabs like LTL trucking companies.

Over the road companies will never pay for hotels unless they have to.

If you know of any companies that pay for rooms please contact me!